About Us

Jilsa Management is an experienced, pioneering family-owned business providing full service property management and asset management in West Palm Beach, Florida and the surrounding south and central Florida communities.

Our approach to investment management is a little bit different from other companies. We take an approach that involves the entire asset – from identifying an opportunity to managing the rental and preparing it for an eventual sale once you’ve maximized the return you can earn on it.

The leadership and team members at Jilsa Management come from a variety of industries, including:

  1. Banking and accounting
  2. Transportation and logistics
  3. Finance and real estate

We aren’t your average property management company. We approach the management of your investment property with an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. We want to protect your asset from liability and loss while helping your bottom line grow.

In addition to managing properties, we also have a Joint Venture program that allows us to work with investors like you to find and purchase new properties. We can tell you what the market will support, what kind of rent and tenants you’ll attract, and whether an opportunity is a good idea for your portfolio. Our relationships with agents and other owners will help us attract investment prospects and pass them on to you.

At Jilsa Management, we see ourselves as your partners. We want the same things – growth, profitability, and peace of mind. When we begin managing your assets, we treat them the same way we would treat our own; with dedication, attention to detail, and professionalism.

When you’re looking for professional asset management in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas, talk to us at Jilsa Management. We can make you more successful as a real estate investor.